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Kristen is a CPA in Massachusetts and graduated with a Masters in Accounting from Wake Forest University. She currently works as a Sales Engineer with Softrax, focused on streamlining revenue recognition processes for businesses in all industries, large and small. She came to Softrax from the Big 4, where she worked as a consultant in the tax accounting, strategy and operations, and technology departments.

Softrax Audio Blog Week of Dec 17 – Part 1 Softrax Audio Blog week of Dec 17 Part 1Posted by Graham Hulme on Dec 17, 2018 6:23:00 AM

Weekly Revenue Recognition – ASC 606 Roundup

This week’s entry will run through recent notable and instructive 10-Q filings that had frequent references to ASC 606. Additionally, we also share...

On-Demand Webinar Series Part 4: ASC 606 Disclosures and SEC Filings

In prior webinars, we reviewed SEC Comment Letters focused on ASC 606. In this webinar, we revisit these letters paired with companies’...

Weekly Revenue Recognition – ASC 606 Roundup

This week’s blog focuses on SEC filings, SEC Comment Letters, and SEC Comment Letter responses for Amazon.  Over the past few months a highly...

SOFTRAX Audio blog week of December 3, 2018

Listen to Graham Hulme, VP of Product Management for SOFTRAX talk about this weeks revenue recognition.

Softrax Audio Blog Week of 11/19

This weeks audio blog by Graham Hulme of Softrax on ASC 606.

ASC 606 RevRec Roundup

This week’s edition covers notable filings and news articles regarding ASC 606. To quickly identify key areas, open each link and search for “606” or...

Softrax Nov 5 Audio Blog

Softrax Audio blog of the Week November 5, 2018 Today's audio blog will focus on an additional approach to estimate standalone selling prices: the residual approach. Want...

Softrax Oct 29 Audio Blog of the week

Softrax Audio blog of the Week October 29, 2018 One ASC 606 topic that continues to come up per recent discussions with our clients, prospects and...

Current Developments at the SEC, by Norman Strauss, Wesley Bricker, Kyle...

The CPA Journal, “Current Developments at the SEC”, by Norman Strauss, Wesley Bricker, Kyle Moffatt and Charles Wright: This article is authored by and has direct...
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